OnPoint accesses the information that provides a baseline for our client's telecom solutions.

A core feature that sets us apart is our detailed, customer-oriented approach. OnPoint's main objective is to satisfy our clients. We rely on over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry to help us follow the most effective practices and utilize the most innovative technology, to provide our customers with the most comprehensive results.


Our Account Audit Services

Our clients experience direct benefits from auditing their telecommunications accounts, some include:

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Procurement Services

When our clients select us, we present them with 140+ carrier options to get the necessary equipment. Our support team helps clients to identify the technology and solutions best suited for their business goals.

Identifying the Correct Solutions

Our audit services help clients to identify the appropriate telecom services, solutions, and vendors that align with their business’ objectives. Account audits also uncover which services aren’t profitable and are merely adding expenses. Discontinuing these services will allow clients to allocate their budget more tactfully and grow their network.


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